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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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yeah! yeah! >> is there anything more awesome than that control room, can we play the goal again that resulted in that? okay. play that again. >> across, and goal! she has saved the usa's life in this world cup! even if you don't care about soccer, even if you never watched another soccer game in your life. there is something about thattarivityic quality of that cross pass that speaks. that speaks to where we are at. i will say, one thing about the
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video we showed about the people reacting to the world cup. one of the things, surprisingly satisfying, maybe in a feminist context to, see all the dudes, super psyched for the women's world cup victory n women's sports, it is so char actored that the only people that care about women's sports are women. because women aren't as in to sports as men r you can't expect men to cheer for women. even though this is just some guy's video, collecting reactions, it may be the thing that sets to rest forever the idea that dudes don't like women playing sports really, really l really cool.
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this is the women's world cup. unfolding in germany. this was played in dress den. the next round will be u.s. versus france. which will be happening on wednesday. if there is no rachel maddow show on wednesday, it is because the staff watched the match instead of doing our work. fairly close to yesterday, too. thank you very much for joining us. here on msnbc, it is time for "the ed show." have a good night. >> when you are this close to hoover dam, you can't be the guy who built this. or the state that built this you have to be the country that built this. the project of national significance. we got those on the menu right
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now. we have to figure out whether or not we are still a country that can think this big. we have to come up with a sensible way to finance healthcare, and the delivery 6 healthcare. there isn't anything we can't afford if we prioritize it. >> i think that one of the things we will see in the 2012 presidential election is whether a republican stands up says, i disagree with obama on taxes, and foreign policy, but he is as much of an american as i am. they won't say that move on to the issues. >> with immigration, you can
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only fear the future if you don't know our past. if you know how this country was built on immigration, you will understand immigration is an invaluable energy infusion into this country. it always has been. it changes the definition of who we are. >> good evening, americans, welcome "the ed show." the president is playing a dangerous game of chicken with this country's safety net. drew a line on taxes, i will have to draw a line on the big three tonight. don't offer the cuts on medicaid, social security, the american people since american people have spoken.
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the president seems weak at this hour. >> i don't see a path to this deal if they don't budge, period. >> no tax increase, no deal. it is their default. will the president cave on the big three? florida congressman, allan grayson has a few thoughts and a big announcement you will hear only on "the ed show." mitchell bachmann is pulling ahead in iowa, and sticking her foot in her mouth on slavery again. and explosive new allegations made by a former nypd officer about 9/11 victims' families. tonight, calls for officials to investigate. good evening, republicans are
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willing to gut the entire social safety next but still, refuse to raise one dime in taxes. the president called them on the carpet this morning. >> i have bent over backwards to work with the republicans, to try to come up with a formulation that doesn't require them to vote, some time in the next m to increase taxes. what i have said, to identify a revenue package that makes sense, comensurate with the sacrifices we are asking other people to make, then i am happy to work with you. >> the last thing boehner wants to do, no interest in asking for shared sacrifice from the rich. >> we have 9.2% unemployment. their prescription is to raise taxes? my goodness. i am for the biggest deal
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possible, we won't raise taxes. >> i am glad the president made the case to raise the debt ceiling today. >> john boehner has faith th that -- reality has proven him wrong. six months ago, president obama extended the bush cuts, added 18,000 in june. boehner doesn't care. if thinks he has all the answers. >> two of the biggest problems with face, the current tax code. the fundamental questions are this. can you control government spending without fendamentally reforming entitlements? i think the answer is no. do you need to raise taxes in
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order to get control of spending? i think the answer is no. if you want to see an increase in government revenue, grow the economy, create jobs, broaden the tax base, and lower rates. >> president obama has put everything that democrats hold dear on the table, and republicans won't budge. the president knows what he is up against. >> i do not see a path to a deal if they don't budge period. i mean, if the basic proposition is my way or the highway, then we are probably not going to get something gone. we have divided government. if mitch mcconnell and john boehner don't want to see the government default, then they will have to compromise like democrats have to compromise. >> some republicans even want america to hit the debt limit.
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damn the coincidences. >> we don't need to panic. the president has been burning the clock with secret negotiations, pushing up against a deadline to create panic. >> so, he knows it will hit poor people harder than his rich puppet masters. president obama knows america can't take another recession. >> this recession has been hard on everybody. it is harder on folks who have got less. >> really, even after the greatest economic downturn, the rich are living high on the hog, are they not? the president is putting too much on the table with republicans, the democrats almost past medicare at 55, before joe leaderboarderman torpedoed it on national tv. now it seems that president
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obama is willing to take medicare in another direction. according to five separate sources, the president offered an increase to 65 move itting to up 67, for republican movement on increasing tax revenues it is no wonder why the democrats are upset. none of them want any part of cutting medicare, medicaid or social security. nancy pelosi drew the line in the sand on friday. >> we do not support cuts in benefits on social security and medicare. any discussion of medicare or social security should be on its own table. i have said that before. take a look at social security, look at it on its own table. do not consider social security a piggy bank for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest in our
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country. the president is looking for the biggest deal he can get. >> continue to push congressional leaders for the largest possible deal. there is going to be resistance. there is frankly resistance on my side to do anything on entitlements. there is resistance to do anything on revenues. if each side takes it a maximalist position, if each side wants 100% of what the presis positions are, then we can't get anything done. voters see him -- >> who will you blame if the
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economy collapses. if they can't get a deal on debt ceiling. afor republic i will bring you the results later on. joining us, is joan walsh, dr. petersen. and washington postcolumnist isracline. thanks for joining us. your thoughts at this hour, now that president obama put the holy grail on the table. ? is this the right move? >> i am concerned about it. the optimistic part of me hope that is he is doing this knowing they are going to wake away, to prove he is the grown up in the room. the reasonable guy. and our side is willing to talk
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about anything. you know, putting social security in this mess is crazy. the fix that candidate obama proposed was to raise the cap, i don't hear that on the capable table. i think you know as well. it makes me sad to hear ideas to raise medicare to 67. some of us get to sit in nice studios and sit at desks, not work with our hands. not be on our feet. have help from other people. other people work hard all their lives and count on medicare at 65. they have been waiting for it for years. i have friends in the their early 60s looking forward to it. our debates are so dominated by elites this seems, we are living longer, and i feel pretty good.
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i can pay for healthcare on my own anyway it is crazy. >> dr. peterson, is the president being a good negotiator? he is throwing out a number of trillion dollars, an unachievable number, if you are going to protect the big three. >> i think the president is being exceptional. he may be up inforcers. the debt ceiling the fact that they won't budge at all, shows us what the president is up against. i want to echo what joan is saying, the elites are making decisions, to impact the nonelites, that disconnect makes a lot of the discourses and discussions very problematic. it is a preception game.
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will we pay soldiers and police? the american economy won't be the same if we default on the debt ceiling. >> the president is making the point that republicans will never give him a victory on anything. the school of thought is that if we do, as a country, not pay our bills, eventually, it will be historians and the politicians, and people in the next election will blame president obama, and a victory for the republicans. what do you think? >> it is possible. i think they see it as a win-win. david brooks a week ago. the guys are willing to compromise, and deal, and be in the middle here. that is great for the obama brand. if the republicans take it, terrific. from their point of view, they have taken the deficit off the table. if the republicans reject them.
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as is happening now, republicans look like they cannot possibly take yes for an answer. if the debt ceiling caves in, the republicans will be the ones standing under it. the american people will blame them. they are probably right on the latter part. what if the republicans take the deal? the way you get, the deal of the century, if you are offering them the deal of the century, the republicans take it. democrats will be left with crummy terms. >> president obama never drew a line in the sand on the bush tax cuts in the lame duck session of congress. the universal healthcare, never even on the table. he has to have this four trillion dollar number right now. what do you make of that? >> i am concerned about it. sometimes i think that this man
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is up against such entrenched forces of wealth and power in this country that he is stuck in a corner. my heart goes out to him. on the other hand, i think that from day one, when he took office, he did not tell us, he said himself, he didn't let us to us, how bad the economic situation was. he didn't tell a story of what it was going to take to get us out of it. there was going to be stimulus spending that maybe you don't use the word, because he is gone. the kind of spending in a recession, where the government steps in and provides demands, when households can't afford to, to get the economy moving again. he didn't articulate that it was need and would be needed for two, three years, the stimulus we got died. unemployment is climbing on his watch. it is practically economically and politically disturbing.
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>> great to have you with us tonight. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. want to know what you think. we want to know if the president is willing and able to draw a line in the sand when we need him to. allan grayson. the force that got rupert m murdoch
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john becker, the man who shot the undercover video, an exclusive guest on this program tomorrow night. krr cl >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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welcome back to the "the ed show." one of the questions, the president obama draw a line in the sand when we need him to. he is talking about crucial cuts? bringing in allan grayson, a fighter for the left since he got on the national scene.
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listen to part of what president obama said about the sbilthsments. >> i am sympathetic to their concerns, they are looking out for folks who are hurting and vulnerable. seniors dependent on some of these programs. what i try to explain to them. if you look at the numbers, then, medicare in particular, will run out of money, and we will not be able to sustain that program. >> allan grayson, a man known for your unvarnished opinion. if you were in congress today, what would be your advice, how would you handle this? >> i would not vote for any cuts in medicare, i would not vote for any cuts in social security, and grabbing everybody else by the collar telling them to do the same. the republicans have been saying
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now for months that we need to cut $2 trillion out of the budget, without saying what they would cut. they got a free ride for two, three months, talking about all these wonder cuts to reduce the debt, without saying what they are. i know a way to cut $2 trillion out of the deficit, end the wars in afghanistan, and iraq, and libya, those wars cost us $157 billion last year, the cost is going up, not down. if you want to say $2 trillion, how about peace? give that a try? >> social security, a bigger deal, it seems like. harry reed was on "meet the press" said we didn't have a problem. the president now wants to put it on the table. the president acknowledged it is not part of the deficit problem, that is starting to sink with in
10:25 pm
americas. >> social security is not the source of our deficit problems. social security if it is part of a package, would be an issue of how do we make sure social security extends its life and is strengthened. >> so, strengthened means cuts, get the code language out here. any time you want to strengthen something, you are going ask consumers, who pay into the program, have to do more for the two top percent. if it is not the the source of the problem, why address it now? >> washington sdwided the meanies and weanies that is the two-party system. the meanies want to take social security and medicare away from grandmaand grandpa. the weanies are willing to go along with it and compromise. people need social security and
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medicare to live. there is no compromise between life and death. there is no middle ground. the average person who retires today has less than $50,000 in savings. those people live close to 20. there is no way anybody in america can get by without social security and medicare, that is what right wing wants to take away. no compromise, you need to strengthen medicare, i want to see medicare cover dental and hearing aid, i want to see medicare cover actual medical needs. snchlths this president weak? why isn't he say whag you are say something why does he throw $4 trillion out on the table, he knows it is unrealistic. he knows that republicans aren't going to deal with him anyone. could have told me that. >> he is the president, the leader of my party, i don't know
10:27 pm
what to say. all of the compromise has not accomplished anything useful for anybody on our side. the president should be saying to people, the republican party is cruel. the republican party is bigoted. the republican party cares about tax breaks for the rich. >> there are a lot of people who need your voice. are you going to get back into this political arena. >> i announced today i am rnging for congress again. hundreds of people have made a contribution. yes, i am back. >> good to have you back. former congressman allan grayson "the ed show." >> the minnesota twins have stopped playing nice, tim pawlenty took a swing at mitchell bachmann, bachmann
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>> tim pawlenty and mitchell bachmann started out the minnesota twins, as the competition heats up, the minnesota nice is fading away. pawlenty on offense, slamming bachmann's record in congress. >> i like congresswoman bachmann, i campaigned for her, i respect her, her record in congress is nonexistent. we are not looking for folks who just have a speech capabilities, we are looking for people who can lead a large enterprise in a public setting and drive it to conclusion. i have done that she hasn't. >> a few hours at pawlenty's
10:32 pm
digs on hot button issues. >> tirelessly against the stimulus spending, and no growth and american energy policy. i did everything i could to defeat cap and trade. i worked hard against the mandate in healthcare. i didn't praise it. there is a different record. i have a very strong, unparalleled record of standing up for the little guy. >> standing up for the little guy? i will let you decide whether or not bachmann is in the habit of standing up for the little guy. how dumb does she think we are? we will have more on that in a few minutes, as for pawlenty, we will see if he has the guts to criticize his fellow minnesotian in the next debate. rupert mudoch could be in big trouble over the bribery scandal
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and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card. >> african americans were better off under slavery. -- if you don't know who rich santorumo is, google him. the marrage vow, the first bullet point in the document
10:37 pm
preamble that got bachmann in trouble. after the pledge sparked outrage, the family leader removed the offensive passive, but insisted the language was misconstrued. bachmann claimed she was -- congresswoman bachmann believes that slavery was horrible. and enslavement is also horrible. >> political science professional at tulane university. and professor of socialology, and author of "can you hear me
10:38 pm
now." michael eric dyson. great to have you both here tonight. >> tell me, what is your take on bachmann's statements? >> she didn't make the statement. she signed on to them. so, my biggest concern, when i first read it that it sounded like a policy proposal. bachmann saw enslavement as a possible solution to what they are defining as the black family crisis. that is at least one possibility here. clearly, it seems to me that even with them walking it back, what they are categorying is that institution of marriage is more important that any question of individual liberty, freedom, of our ability to be full
10:39 pm
partners in the american political story. that is not just for african americans, they are making a similar claim about women, when they make the claim about quickie divorce. women being able to own property, have cret credit in their own names, get out of abusive relationships without proving they are abusive. they reduce marriage, but make women safer. enslavement makes people freer, but they seem to be more interesting in stability than freedom. >> bachmann said it was better to be a slave or to be born under the obama administration. >> that is ludicrous. the fact that, ignorant statement, literally. black people couldn't be married under slavery. the family she is trying to
10:40 pm
project back into slavery it. was illegal for men and women to be married. women were taken from men, children from their fathers and mothers, as a matter of course in slavery. now, had she said, what gives the lie to that as soon as black people got free, they married as much as they could. 56.3% of black families were in a nuclear family and 1950, 80% of black people were in male and female-headed households, part of the nuclear families. by 1996, it plummets, there are reason for that prejudice, ramping up of the attack upon the black family by the matriarchy. the point is, it f>@>rundermine african american people, black
10:41 pm
people, despite those limitations had an enormous hunger to come together. bachmann's history are ilinformed. >> peeking of history in a different sort. you are right, melissa, she did sign on to it, but didn't say it. this is not the first time she has been connected to slavery. comparing homo sexuality to slavery. it is a peculiar theme to connect to everything that she wants to be against? >> by the way, it is a stanchd practice in the so-called pro-life community, for the dread scott. slavery is used a troupe. they are not talking about enslaved persons. they are not really talking
10:42 pm
about african men and women, children sold away from them as the professor was talking about. they are talking about it as a kind of short hand for saying this is something that we are against that is bad, that we all decided is bad. anything that we can equate fo it is therefore bad. to the extent that there is an agreement that slavery is something that we should not be proud of in our past, i think that is a good thing. the real challenge with this particular document is that it actually makes the claim that slavery is something that we should be proud of. a nostalgia for a moment of complete control over other human beings' lives as a way of creating a social order for those at the very top. that is what distinguishes this particular document and the willingness to sign on to it
10:43 pm
from this other easy language. >> bill o'reilly spoke to bachmann, he didn't ask her about the pledge. what do you make of that? >> there is a conspiracy of silence in controversial issues. it is atrocious. bill o'reilly as a journalist, and avowed conservative should be concerned about race and issues as and history and public policy, and the manipulation of that, not only in the presence, but appropriating black people experience, but not black people. it becomes a repudiation of the very form of democracy that their comments protect. when we don't get a chance to
10:44 pm
bring our bodies, flesh or story n we have a chance to be referenced, but not show up and speak for ourselves. >> great to have you with us tonight. thank you for your time. >> another fake scandal to get cranked up b they are saying the government will take away your light bulbs. of course, that is psychotalk. stay with us. some, not so much. thanks to a network that secures it all and knows what to keep in, and what to keep out. outsmart the threats. see how at cisco.
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we are a few hours away from fake primary day in wisconsin. democrats have a chance to take back the senate, and take on the agend anot if the gop can help it. republicans are running fake democrats against real democratic candidates in a primary. wisconsin has an open primary system, which means anybody can run. like 82-year-old on theo junkerman. a former state lawmaker.
10:46 pm
you can't make it up. forcing a primary with the fake candidates, republicans pushed back the general elections until august. that gives the emcouple bants more time to get organized. six candidates are facing challenges tomorrow. we will be sure to give you the results on that here on the program tomorrow night n minnesota, get a load of this. a budget deal has yet to be reached, 22,000 state employees remain out of work. not getting paid. the majority of state lawmakers, the guys responsible for this impassee, they are getting paid. it is now the longest state government shutdown in american history.
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in skiko talk tonight, the fictional war on light bulbs. smoky joe barton asked to repeal part of the law to request light bulbs to be more energy efficient. he wanted to repeal the law because the law outlaws the old bulks. >> these bull gs have to go away, made in china with mercury with them. >> you go blind, they are -- >> if you have a light bulb, you are hording them. >> funny to see republicans start hording the light bulbs, the fox news buddies are full of it. it does not ban incandescent
10:50 pm
light bulbs, and companies have made light bulbs to meet the new standards. nobody is forcing them to use the scary pig tail ones. electricity bills will go down. the department of energy said it will state households billions. it was written bhoi a republican bill and signed by george w. bush. brian killmede saying people need to hord light bulbs is skiko talk. >> the phone hacking scandals get worse. journalists allegedly tried to
10:51 pm
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text the word health to 50555, to make a donation by phone. news of the world may be gone, the phone hacking scandal keeps growing, reports that you are pert murdoch [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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the final edition of repert
10:55 pm
murdoch went the daily mirror reported that news of the world tried to bribe a police officer for private phone records of 9/11 victims, the police officer said he turned down the bribe at the time. gordon brown was a victim of hackers. according to the guardian, illegally obtained medical, banking and phone records, including medical data on his infant son. the news corp hacking scandal extends to the royals, victims of terrorism and murders and family members of them all. british sky broadcasting and hurt his bottom line. the stock is down 13% over the past five days.
10:56 pm
a group of shareholders announced a lawsuit. the company could face criminal prosecution in the united states. the justice department stepped up enforcement of anti-bribery laws, and say news corp's action could lead to similar probes. director of the landmark documentary, out-foxed, rupert murdoch's war on journalism. i am sorry i am laughing. you can't out-do this one. you don't have a documentary to out-do this one. do you? >> this is greater than any fiction story we could come up with. >> do you think it runs deep in this country as well? >> i think it is systemic in the
10:57 pm
way murdoch runs his operation. it is all about power. in the pursuit of power, which they then use on politicians and use to improve their bottom line, they literally will do anything. i think it is important and matters others are calling for an investigation and i think it is important that we support that. and wouldn't it be the ultimate irony, ed, if they were brought down for wire tapping 9/11 victims after fox's abused 9/11 so horribly in pursuit of a political agenda. >> a mosque was going to be built blocks from the tragedy of 9/11. i find it amazing. could this bring murdoch down? >> well, we don't know. this has gone beyond where anybody thought it would be. it is growing it is growing abroad, it is growing here, and
10:58 pm
we will see more and more evidence as people turn. the more people internally talk about fox news, realize their nex are on the line, they won't be defended legally. more of them will come to their senses morally. what a horrible thing to work for a newspaper, call yourself a journalist and engage in wire tapping. >> what i find interesting, journalists call themselves journalists who work for mr. murdoch. don't you think they would be coming out in droves saying, i am going to protect my integrity and profession. i have had nothing to do with the tactics, the silence is deafening. >> i think it is tragic. when we did our fox, which seems like a thousand years ago, we were contacted by journalists, and producers working at fox
10:59 pm
news, felt it important to talk to us. they did it in disguise. they were afraid for their jobs. what we are seeing not just at fox, but all over the country, is the country, how much are you willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of the bottom line? what -- >> what about the justice department? do you think congress is going to be looking into this? >> we sure hope so. news hounds, and media matters are all asking for an investigation. free press countpointed out this is what happens when you have media consolidation. we have forgotten for a moment how much extraordinary power one man has overall of our lives. >> amazing. great to have you with us tonight. tonight n our survey, i asked, who would you blame for the economic disaster if there is no deal on the debt ceiling. 16% of you said